Explore Milan to it’s fullest with this handy travel guide

There’s no secret about the gushing love people have for Milan. Its picturesque locales, portrait-like roads, and towering buildings associated with the past’s anecdotes are a sight to behold for all tourist lovers. Flanked by two twin sisters Florence and Venice, Milan is the behemoth city of Italy. Touted as the most populated city of Italy, Milan is the perfect holiday destination for travel buffs inclined to unravel the rich history of contemporary Italy.

Milan is a sublime fusion of architectural excellence, creative finesse, and nature’s bounty. People who visit this glamorous city witness the richness of the culture blended with a dash of Italian glory and ancient glimmer in the natives’ demeanor here. The locals here are welcoming and are unapologetically proud of their culture, without flinching even for a second.

Fraught with iconic sights and places, this city is a tourist’s paradise as they would get to treat their eyes on everything breathtakingly gorgeous. Rest assured that your tolls will be worth the experience gathered.

We present you with a travel guide that highlights all the incredible places amassing this beautiful city with things you must do and delicacies you need to gorge in. Our trip checklist will duly guide you through for ensuring a hassle-free and memorable trip. This guide was provided in partnership with my friend from Minneapolis Commercial Painting. Please helps support them by visiting there website: https://www.minneapoliscommercialpainting.com.

Top sights to visit when in Milan

  1. Duomo Cathedral – Constructed in an Italian Gothic style, this Milan cathedral lodges the most remarkable towers, statues, and paintings with secrets of the past.
  2. Leonardo da Vinci National Museum – This picture depicts the most iconic moments in the Christian bible. Never miss out on this museum when in Milan; book tickets beforehand to avoid the last-minute rush.
  3. La Scala theatre – More than 200 years old, this theatre can hold 3000 spectators at a time. Visit this place to bask in the royal ambiance of this theatre.
  4. Sforza Castle – Spare a few hours and pay a visit to this beautiful castle that was earlier a hideout fortress of Sforza family dukes.

Things to do

  1. Shopping extravagance – Milan is Italy’s fashion capital and rightly so, as it features the best of brands with the most remarkable cultures adorned in bejeweled showrooms.
  2. Witness the celebrated Last Supper sketch – Witness the fabulous sketch of Leonardo da Vinci’s of Last Supper in Day Vinci’s National Museum.
  3. Visit the various churches, museums, and galleries – One can never find Milan out of museums, galleries, and churches. It inhabits the most number of historical monuments that reveal the city’s rich past and its tales of glory. Savor the most incredible art and secrets of Milan in Ambrosiana, Fondazione Prada, and all other museums.

What to eat and where to eat

  1. Panzerotti at Luini – Fried dough filled tomato, cheese, and ham panzerotti at Luini is a major crowd puller. Luini jas carefully fostered this winning recipe since 1880 and is not letting out the secret to their popularity anytime soon.
  2. Spaghetti and grilled seafood at Paper Moon – Gorge in the very famous grilled seafood of Paper Moon, served with steak and veggies and blurted out “so, good” in every bite. Walk away with a heart and tummy filled with content every time you are in La Brisa.
  3. Ala carte contemporary Italian cuisine at La Brisa – Located close to Leonardo da Vinci, La Brisa serves a traditional spin to Italy’s modern cuisines.
  4. Handmade Lamb meatballs at Un Posto A Milano – This place is known for its authentic and modern touch to the Italian cuisine with a seasonal touch of spices and herbs. It serves the most sumptuous lamb meatballs that break into soft morsels right inside your mouth, rendering a taste that lingers long.
  5. Zaini Chocolates – if you are a big-time chocolate lover, then Zaini Milano is the one-stop solution to your chocolate craving. Make a beeline outside the Zaini outlet as it houses some of the assorted candies, got chocolate mousse, and some other lip-smacking chocolate desserts.

Now that you have a comprehensive idea of all the notable must-dos while sojourning at Milan, Italy, you ought to have an experience of a lifetime.…

Top 5 Things To Do In Ireland

Northern Ireland and the Republic together consist of the Isle of Ireland, which attracts thousands of tourists every year. The seafood, castles, road trips, hikes, and iconic sights make it the perfect travel destination. The gusty rock formations, green rolling hills, and the various cliffs and mountains will take you through a jaw-dropping experience. Other than these te road trips, the music festivals and the famous shooting place of the popular TV series, Game Of Thrones, make it a wonderful experience for the tourists.


Here, we have assembled the top five things to do in Ireland.


Cruise On River Shannon


Starting from the slopes of Cuilcagh mountain up to the Limerick City, the Shannon river is the longest on the island. What can be better than relaxing in a boat cruise and experiencing the mesmerizing view of the 500km long waterway? Traveling towards the north of the city will give you access to various types and sizes of boats, mostly from Portumna to Carrick.


The Irish Castles


You might have heard that the Irish castles have their own story and each of them is worth knowing. The best way to start your castle adventure is by visiting the Dublin castle, which takes you to the state apartments where presidential inaugurations have taken place. You will find the decor in the Chapel Royal. The Rock Of Cashel is a middle-age castle that is believed to be the result of spitting demons. The legendary Blarney Castle is the place of the Barney Stone that is said to give the gift of gab to any person kissing the stone bending backward.


The Moher Cliffs


No matter where you visit, Moher Cliffs must be on your sightseeing list. You can hike up to 8km, which will take you to the edges to witness the mesmerizing view. A few kilometers from the Doolin village is the highest point of Moher cliffs known as the O’ Brien Tower. If you are lucky enough to travel on a clear day, you might be able to spot the Aran Islands, the Twelve Pins mountain ranges of County Galway, and the Maumturks.


Kilmainham Gaol


If you are into historical places, well, Kilmainham gaol is a must add to your list. The museum was originally a prison that is now turned into art galleries with sculptures and paintings describing the then incarcerated prisoners’ situation. Many tourists travel every year to this historical place and know about the Easter Rising in 1916. It may sound creepy, but you can visit the insides of the same prison cell where the civil war prisoners were living before being executed.


Slieve League


If you are looking for jaw-dropping landscape beauty, then definitely visit the Slieve League. Since not many people visit the area, you can freely enjoy the beauty and get beautiful pictures without having trouble with the crowd. The Slieve League is the sixth-highest sea cliff and is thrice the height of Moher cliffs. The view from the cliff will give you the best experience of seeing the sight of crashing waves from the top of the mountain.


Next time when you travel to Ireland, make sure to visit these places for a better experience.…

Top 5 Places In Prague That You Must Visit On Your Trip

Do you like to travel a lot to historical places or medieval cities? Well, then there couldn’t be an any better place than Prague. Over the years, more and more tourists wind up, increasing the cost of staying and bringing various international cuisines. The one thing that has not lost its essence is the medieval streets and houses. There are various activities to do in the city, which will take around four to five days. Among various famous tourist spots, here we have assembled the top five places that you must visit.


Visiting The Prague Castle, Jewish Quarter, Old town Square, Charles Bridge, and more


Prague is fun for a walking tour. If you have a map, then you can walk by yourself and enjoy the different sites. The castle consists of various attractions like Rosenberg palace, Golden Lane with Daliborka Tower, and many more. You can also take a walk around the Petrin Park. It consists of 299 steps of the lookout tower. However, note that the park is situated on top of a hill; hence, it will be more like trekking to the top.


Next, you must visit the famous John Lennon wall and relax near the waterfront. You can walk towards the center of the city through the Charles Bridge. You can visit the Astronomical clock for the rest of the day, hang out in the old town square, visit the churches and the Jewish quarters.


Kutna Hora


Kutna Hora is famous for around 50000-70000 bones. This place was famous for silver mining in them a medieval period in Bohemia. The church takes around fifteen minutes to see, which gives you ample time to cover the medieval streets of the place with beautiful middle age churches and a massive town square.


Bohemian And Saxon Switzerland National Park


If you visit Prague for the best experience, then the Bohemian Switzerland park is a must-visit. It is a one day trip near the German border, where you can hike to Kamenice Gorge Cruise, Elbe River Canyon, and the Bastei Bridge Of Germany. There are various restaurants with fantastic cuisine that you can enjoy near the park.


Staromestske Namesti


Staromestske Namesti is one of the essential destinations that was founded in the twelfth century. The old town hall consists of the Baroque church at St. Nicholas, Church of Our Lady before Tyn, Jan Hus monument, and the Stone bell Gothic house. The pavement of the square has a record of the execution of twenty-seven Czech lords in 1621.


Activities To Try In Prague


Prague is famous for its art, culture, and classical music. Therefore, it is a must to visit a musical concert by classical piano and music. If you love the works of Franz Kafka, you would know that he was from Prague. There is a museum dedicated to the life and works of Kafka, near the river banks. Vitkov park is situated n the hill, which is an essential historic place in the city. It is the same hill where Jan Zizka defeated the Catholic King Sigismund and his forces in 1420. Tourists can get a fantastic view of the city from the hill.


Here we have assembled the top five places and things you must do on your visit to Prague.…

Top 5 Attractions To Check Out In Rio de Janerio

If you are an intrepid traveler, be ready to experience the city of contrasts with all its natural beauty. The various unique exotic birds and animals with wonderful natural beaches make it a compulsory destination for travelers. Starting from Samba to amazing hikes and incredible views will bring you loads of fun and experience.


Here, we have assembled the top five places that you must visit in Rio de Janerio.


Sugarloaf Mountain: One of the famous destinations of Brazil is the Sugarloaf mountain. The mesmerizing view from the top of the mountain gives you a better view of Copacabana, Christ the Redeemer, and many more. The bubble-shaped cable cars are perfect for getting a 360degree view of the landscape. It covers a route of 1400 meters and leaves every twenty minutes.


Corcovado: The most crowded tourist attraction in Rio de Janerio is the Corcovado, also known as Christ The Redeemer. Heitor da Silva Costa was the engineer behind the huge art decor. The planning of the monument started in 1921. However, the construction started in 1925 and was completed in 1931. The monument is located in Parque Nacional da Tijuca, which is around seven hundred meters above sea level. Selected as one of the seven wonders globally, it takes precisely two hundred and twenty steps to reach the statue.


Botanical Garden: One of the most captivating tourist destinations of Rio de Janerio is the botanical garden. It contains more than six thousand five hundred species of foreign and Brazilian species of plants. You will find the research centers, museums, cultural centers, and collections of various types of birds, animals, and more.


Morro da Urca: When you are traveling to the sugarloaf mountains, Morro da Urca is one of the stops. It is a small peak; if you are a mountain climber, you will enjoy the trek. It has two sides to reach the peak, the southern and the northern side. If you want to adventure through the remote area, then it takes 30mins from the northern side. However, if you are looking forward to an easy trail, it is ten minutes from the southern side’s meeting point.


Ipanema Beach: The exotic beach with white sand and attracting blue ocean makes it one of the best destination to chill in Brazil. Leblon in the west and Copacabana in the north borders the beach on both sides. Many locals and tourists are seen to suntan themselves under the Sun. There are various water sports and activities that you can try along the beach. However, if you want to experience the beach, then only visit after dark. The beach is famous for its nightlife.


These are the top five places that6 you must visit to experience the beauty of Brazil. However, other than these, music and festivals re also famous in the city. You can also visit various waterfalls like Cachoeira do Horto and Cachoeira das Almas. Both of these waterfalls have pools where you can bathe and have fun. Lastly, not to miss the delicious food like Feijoada and other barbecues of Brazilian cuisine.…

Here is List of Things You Should Research Before Visiting A Foreign Country

The excitement that comes with visiting a foreign country can easily make you forget the critical things that you need to know before traveling. And the worst would happen when you find contrary to what you expected. 

Therefore, to avoid such disappointments, it’s essential to do your homework right. 

It would be best if you researched about the following things when planning your trip. 

  • Legal Requirements

The first thing that you need to do is to find the legal requirement of the destination that you wish to visit. Find out about the rules that govern visitors. The things you should do and that are illegal. 

Don’t assume what is legal in your country is also legal to your destination. 

For instance, it’s legal to smoke bang in Jamaica, but it’s not legal in most of the other countries. If you try to pack some rolls, you will be arrested at the airport. 

You don’t need to know everything about the foreign country’s legal requirements, but you need to know at least the basic laws that govern your destination. 

  • Culture

When you go to Rome, act like the Romans. You don’t want to go to your destination to offend the natives. Some cultures are so reserved, and they don’t welcome foreign vices. 

Whatever seems okay to you could be a taboo in another culture. 

That’s why it’s important first to research the culture of the destination you intend to visit. 

Find out about their belief, their religion, what’s morally right and wrong, and their spiritual backgrounds. You don’t need to do whatever they do. All that is needed of you is to respect your destination’s culture and not do things that are contrary to them. 

  • Climate

At the point, you’re planning to visit certain destination research about its weather. Find its season at the point you wish to travel. 

You don’t want to pack summer clothes when visiting South Africa during the summer season in the US. You’ll be shocked when you land at the airport and meet with freezing temperatures. 

Know about their temperatures, rain levels, and everything else that concerns the weather. It’s even better to check if there are reports of expected natural calamities. 

Understanding the weather of your destination ensures that you’ve chosen to travel at the right time. It will also guide you in deciding what to pack for your vacation. 

  • Where to Stay

It’s essential to research where you’ll spend your entire time during your holiday. If it’s a foreign country where you don’t have friends and relatives, you need to have enough budget for your accommodation. 

Find out about the accommodation rates in the foreign country. Research about the available options. It’s even better to pay for accommodation before visiting. And pay for the entire time you’ll be there. 

Parting Shot

Let the internet be your guide. Search online every information that you need about the destination you’re about to visit. Don’t be caught off-guard when you travel to new places.