There’s no secret about the gushing love people have for Milan. Its picturesque locales, portrait-like roads, and towering buildings associated with the past’s anecdotes are a sight to behold for all tourist lovers. Flanked by two twin sisters Florence and Venice, Milan is the behemoth city of Italy. Touted as the most populated city of Italy, Milan is the perfect holiday destination for travel buffs inclined to unravel the rich history of contemporary Italy.

Milan is a sublime fusion of architectural excellence, creative finesse, and nature’s bounty. People who visit this glamorous city witness the richness of the culture blended with a dash of Italian glory and ancient glimmer in the natives’ demeanor here. The locals here are welcoming and are unapologetically proud of their culture, without flinching even for a second.

Fraught with iconic sights and places, this city is a tourist’s paradise as they would get to treat their eyes on everything breathtakingly gorgeous. Rest assured that your tolls will be worth the experience gathered.

We present you with a travel guide that highlights all the incredible places amassing this beautiful city with things you must do and delicacies you need to gorge in. Our trip checklist will duly guide you through for ensuring a hassle-free and memorable trip. This guide was provided in partnership with my friend from Minneapolis Commercial Painting. Please helps support them by visiting there website:

Top sights to visit when in Milan

  1. Duomo Cathedral – Constructed in an Italian Gothic style, this Milan cathedral lodges the most remarkable towers, statues, and paintings with secrets of the past.
  2. Leonardo da Vinci National Museum – This picture depicts the most iconic moments in the Christian bible. Never miss out on this museum when in Milan; book tickets beforehand to avoid the last-minute rush.
  3. La Scala theatre – More than 200 years old, this theatre can hold 3000 spectators at a time. Visit this place to bask in the royal ambiance of this theatre.
  4. Sforza Castle – Spare a few hours and pay a visit to this beautiful castle that was earlier a hideout fortress of Sforza family dukes.

Things to do

  1. Shopping extravagance – Milan is Italy’s fashion capital and rightly so, as it features the best of brands with the most remarkable cultures adorned in bejeweled showrooms.
  2. Witness the celebrated Last Supper sketch – Witness the fabulous sketch of Leonardo da Vinci’s of Last Supper in Day Vinci’s National Museum.
  3. Visit the various churches, museums, and galleries – One can never find Milan out of museums, galleries, and churches. It inhabits the most number of historical monuments that reveal the city’s rich past and its tales of glory. Savor the most incredible art and secrets of Milan in Ambrosiana, Fondazione Prada, and all other museums.

What to eat and where to eat

  1. Panzerotti at Luini – Fried dough filled tomato, cheese, and ham panzerotti at Luini is a major crowd puller. Luini jas carefully fostered this winning recipe since 1880 and is not letting out the secret to their popularity anytime soon.
  2. Spaghetti and grilled seafood at Paper Moon – Gorge in the very famous grilled seafood of Paper Moon, served with steak and veggies and blurted out “so, good” in every bite. Walk away with a heart and tummy filled with content every time you are in La Brisa.
  3. Ala carte contemporary Italian cuisine at La Brisa – Located close to Leonardo da Vinci, La Brisa serves a traditional spin to Italy’s modern cuisines.
  4. Handmade Lamb meatballs at Un Posto A Milano – This place is known for its authentic and modern touch to the Italian cuisine with a seasonal touch of spices and herbs. It serves the most sumptuous lamb meatballs that break into soft morsels right inside your mouth, rendering a taste that lingers long.
  5. Zaini Chocolates – if you are a big-time chocolate lover, then Zaini Milano is the one-stop solution to your chocolate craving. Make a beeline outside the Zaini outlet as it houses some of the assorted candies, got chocolate mousse, and some other lip-smacking chocolate desserts.

Now that you have a comprehensive idea of all the notable must-dos while sojourning at Milan, Italy, you ought to have an experience of a lifetime.