If you are an intrepid traveler, be ready to experience the city of contrasts with all its natural beauty. The various unique exotic birds and animals with wonderful natural beaches make it a compulsory destination for travelers. Starting from Samba to amazing hikes and incredible views will bring you loads of fun and experience.


Here, we have assembled the top five places that you must visit in Rio de Janerio.


Sugarloaf Mountain: One of the famous destinations of Brazil is the Sugarloaf mountain. The mesmerizing view from the top of the mountain gives you a better view of Copacabana, Christ the Redeemer, and many more. The bubble-shaped cable cars are perfect for getting a 360degree view of the landscape. It covers a route of 1400 meters and leaves every twenty minutes.


Corcovado: The most crowded tourist attraction in Rio de Janerio is the Corcovado, also known as Christ The Redeemer. Heitor da Silva Costa was the engineer behind the huge art decor. The planning of the monument started in 1921. However, the construction started in 1925 and was completed in 1931. The monument is located in Parque Nacional da Tijuca, which is around seven hundred meters above sea level. Selected as one of the seven wonders globally, it takes precisely two hundred and twenty steps to reach the statue.


Botanical Garden: One of the most captivating tourist destinations of Rio de Janerio is the botanical garden. It contains more than six thousand five hundred species of foreign and Brazilian species of plants. You will find the research centers, museums, cultural centers, and collections of various types of birds, animals, and more.


Morro da Urca:¬†When you are traveling to the sugarloaf mountains, Morro da Urca is one of the stops. It is a small peak; if you are a mountain climber, you will enjoy the trek. It has two sides to reach the peak, the southern and the northern side. If you want to adventure through the remote area, then it takes 30mins from the northern side. However, if you are looking forward to an easy trail, it is ten minutes from the southern side’s meeting point.


Ipanema Beach: The exotic beach with white sand and attracting blue ocean makes it one of the best destination to chill in Brazil. Leblon in the west and Copacabana in the north borders the beach on both sides. Many locals and tourists are seen to suntan themselves under the Sun. There are various water sports and activities that you can try along the beach. However, if you want to experience the beach, then only visit after dark. The beach is famous for its nightlife.


These are the top five places that6 you must visit to experience the beauty of Brazil. However, other than these, music and festivals re also famous in the city. You can also visit various waterfalls like Cachoeira do Horto and Cachoeira das Almas. Both of these waterfalls have pools where you can bathe and have fun. Lastly, not to miss the delicious food like Feijoada and other barbecues of Brazilian cuisine.