Do you like to travel a lot to historical places or medieval cities? Well, then there couldn’t be an any better place than Prague. Over the years, more and more tourists wind up, increasing the cost of staying and bringing various international cuisines. The one thing that has not lost its essence is the medieval streets and houses. There are various activities to do in the city, which will take around four to five days. Among various famous tourist spots, here we have assembled the top five places that you must visit.


Visiting The Prague Castle, Jewish Quarter, Old town Square, Charles Bridge, and more


Prague is fun for a walking tour. If you have a map, then you can walk by yourself and enjoy the different sites. The castle consists of various attractions like Rosenberg palace, Golden Lane with Daliborka Tower, and many more. You can also take a walk around the Petrin Park. It consists of 299 steps of the lookout tower. However, note that the park is situated on top of a hill; hence, it will be more like trekking to the top.


Next, you must visit the famous John Lennon wall and relax near the waterfront. You can walk towards the center of the city through the Charles Bridge. You can visit the Astronomical clock for the rest of the day, hang out in the old town square, visit the churches and the Jewish quarters.


Kutna Hora


Kutna Hora is famous for around 50000-70000 bones. This place was famous for silver mining in them a medieval period in Bohemia. The church takes around fifteen minutes to see, which gives you ample time to cover the medieval streets of the place with beautiful middle age churches and a massive town square.


Bohemian And Saxon Switzerland National Park


If you visit Prague for the best experience, then the Bohemian Switzerland park is a must-visit. It is a one day trip near the German border, where you can hike to Kamenice Gorge Cruise, Elbe River Canyon, and the Bastei Bridge Of Germany. There are various restaurants with fantastic cuisine that you can enjoy near the park.


Staromestske Namesti


Staromestske Namesti is one of the essential destinations that was founded in the twelfth century. The old town hall consists of the Baroque church at St. Nicholas, Church of Our Lady before Tyn, Jan Hus monument, and the Stone bell Gothic house. The pavement of the square has a record of the execution of twenty-seven Czech lords in 1621.


Activities To Try In Prague


Prague is famous for its art, culture, and classical music. Therefore, it is a must to visit a musical concert by classical piano and music. If you love the works of Franz Kafka, you would know that he was from Prague. There is a museum dedicated to the life and works of Kafka, near the river banks. Vitkov park is situated n the hill, which is an essential historic place in the city. It is the same hill where Jan Zizka defeated the Catholic King Sigismund and his forces in 1420. Tourists can get a fantastic view of the city from the hill.


Here we have assembled the top five places and things you must do on your visit to Prague.